Developing UIs for the IoT: Three things to consider

    With no signs of the IoT economy slowing down—IHS Markit reports that we’ll hit over 75 billion devices by 2025—the challenge for embedded development teams is figuring out how to modernize legacy systems and create new ones that leverage the latest technologies to meet user expectations. It comes down to squeezing the best […]

Robotic Arm goodness

  Just what we need, another robotic arm project.   But this Instructable delivers good step-by-step, lots of details, extensive CAD files for all 3D parts, Fritzing fun, and a solid BOM for building a snappy, Bluetooth-driven robotic arm. Using the new Evive prototyping board (Arduino Mega-based), it gives a faster onramp for iteration and […]

What’s new about the Industrial IoT?

Cambashi has just completed a research project into the industrial application of the IoT. The aim was to establish the market’s structure and direction based on interviews with many of the major players combined with desk research. Many of the technologies that make up Industrial IoT are actually well established in their own right.   […]

Overcoming six challenges of UX design for IoT

Growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to skyrocket, with analysts predicting that by 2020 annual revenues could exceed $470 billion for companies selling hardware, software, and comprehensive solutions, with the market forecast to grow from an installed base of 15 billion devices in 2015 to nearly 31 billion devices by 2020. While connecting […]

Skyworks Launches New High-Power Bluetooth(r) Power Amplifier for Mobile Applications

Skyworks has introduced a new product category of high-power Bluetooth® power amplifier solutions for mobile applications targeting Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The SKY85018-11 is a highly integrated device that is particularly suited for improving Bluetooth® connectivity ranges, which are required for music streaming. Multiple output power ranges and a bypass mode […]

Best Practices for Continuous Testing of IoT Products

Today, connected products and IoT platforms deliver immersive experiences throughout customer, partner and employee engagements. However, adding connectivity to traditional products has its own challenges. The underlining fact is many manufacturers (OEMs) are not prepared to address all complexities involved with adding connectivity to their products. It’s essential to perform and establish a robust and […]

Addressing Safety Challenges in Full Digital Instrument Clusters

Learn about the next generation of instrument clusters with BlackBerry QNX and Elektrobit. Technologies from BlackBerry QNX and Elektrobit form the foundation of many instrument clusters found in today’s vehicles. Join us as we discuss some of the challenges present in building the next generation of digital instrument clusters. Presented by: BlackBerry QNX, Elektrobit Automotive […]