Got a Burning Idea For An EMF Camp Presentation? Now’s Your Chance!

Sometimes the world of tech conference presentations can seem impossibly opaque, a place in which there appears to be an untouchable upper echelon of the same speakers who pop up at conference after conference. Mere mortals can never aspire to join them and are destined to forever lurk in the shadows, their killer talk undelivered. […]

Motion-Activated Sparkle Skirt by @morrill_rob @MSMakecode

Motion-Activated Sparkle Skirt – YouTube. A Circuit Playground Express controls the NeoPixels sewn into this skirt. Coded with MakeCode. via Adafruit

Tips for Sewing and NeoPixels by @morrill_rob

Tips for Sewing and NeoPixels – YouTube. Here are some tips for hand sewing and for using NeoPixels in fabric projects. via Adafruit

Roomba-Riding Beer Butlers Will Serve Us All

[Josh] isn’t one to refuse a challenge, especially when robots are involved. The latest dare from friends and family? Build a beer robot that can bring beverages at everyone’s beck and call. The build consists of two main parts: the refrigerated cooler and the butler part, which comes courtesy of a Roomba Discovery from a […]

The NeoPixel POWER CLAW!

Power claw mostly done now, wires have to stay exposed so the lit claws stay a seperate part ( cant pull glove on with tips attached). Had so much trouble attaching foam bits, turns out you can glue foam to pleather with good ol contact cement, whew #evafoam #w40kcosplay #w40k #neopixel #warhammercosplay A post shared […]

Anouk Wipprecht: Clothing as emotional interface @tedtalks @AnoukWipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht: Clothing as emotional interface – YouTube. Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch designer and engineer whose work combines fashion, robotics and technology in what she calls “technological couture.” In this talk, she walks us through some of her designs and how they help broadcast our feelings. via Adafruit

Tracktorino Shields You From Poor Interfaces

On-screen controls in a digital audio workstation expand the power of a DJ or musician, but they are not intuitive for everyone. The tactility of buttons, knobs, sliders and real-world controls feels nothing like using a mouse, trackpad, or even a touchscreen. Unfortunately, devices meant to put control into a DJs hands can be unavailable […]