Put All Your Boat Data in One Place with KBox

Although the apparent pinnacle of my sailing career is long gone after a summer pram sailing class in grade school, I still find the idea of harnessing “free” power to glide a boat or ship across water intriguing. Once you get past dinghys, or even small catamarans like Hobie Cats, the things you need to […]

E-cast: Bringing Intelligence to IoT’s Edge

Analytics is one of the most compelling components of an Internet of Things strategy. Where you perform the analytics activities are also vitally important. You might be dealing with terabytes or even petabytes of data streaming from hundreds of sophisticated machines in your IoT ecosystem. Pushing all of that data to a centralized analytics process […]

Vinduino – Save 25% Of Water Needed For Irrigation

Vinduino is one of those projects that set out to solve a really big problem which straight away makes it interesting. Reinier van der Lee wanted to use the least amount of water possible for irrigation in his southern California vineyard. Hence the Vinduino project was made to be a relatively low cost system to help save […]

Infineon’s AURIX TC3xx multicore MCUs enable next-generation automotive designs

Infineon Technologies AG has announced the AURIX TC3xx family of automotive multicore microcontrollers (MCUs) based on up to six 300 MHz TriCore cores and up to 16 MB of Flash memory with more than 6 MB of integrated RAM. Four of the TriCore cores feature an additional lockstep core that enables ISO 26262 functional safety […]