Von Braun’s Mars Vision


Another interesting “what if” scenario – looking at Werner von Brauns vision of space exploration.


What would have happened if Von Braun’s original plan for Space Exploration had come to fruition? In 1952, his long-term exploration plan for the Solar System was laid out in a series of now-famous articles in Collier’s Magazine and his book, Project Mars. Ferry rockets would launch crew and cargo to a rotating, artificial-gravity space station, which would then be used as a launching pad for Lunar and Martian missions. This historical vein never came to fruition, but is considered one of the grandest and romantic visions of space travel in history. It’s no surprise, then, that was considered for a film. Ultimately not being created due to a lack of funding, it would have “chronicled the major space exploration and exploitation events of the 20th and early 21st century in an alternative history timeline.” More info here.

The ferry rocket is one of my favourite rockets, and is shown above in a brilliant artist’s rendering on the launch pad.

Thoughts or comments?