Capturing Three Dimensions with Kinect-like Sensor


Structure Sensor

A Kinect-like 3D sensor for mobile devices, successfully reaches Kickstarter target in a day – video embedded below:

Capture models of rooms, 3D scan objects, play augmented reality games, and develop mobile applications with 3D sensing. The world’s first 3D sensor for mobile devices.

The Structure Sensor gives mobile devices the ability to capture and understand the world in three dimensions.

With the Structure Sensor attached to your mobile device, you can walk around the world and instantly capture it in a digital form. This means you can capture 3D maps of indoor spaces and have every measurement in your pocket. You can instantly capture 3D models of objects and people for import into CAD and for 3D printing. You can play mind blowing augmented reality games where the real world is your game world.

If you’re a developer, Structure gives you the ability to build mobile applications that interact with the three dimensional geometry of the real world for the very first time. You can even launch your app on the App Store!

More can be found out about the product at it’s Kickstarter page here

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