Beaglebone Black gets Stealthier

So, Edward Snowden has some time on his hands in Russia, and decided to develop a super crypto-protected daughterboard for the Beaglebone Black. OK, the first part’s not true: Edward Snowden doesn’t have time on his hands since he’s very busy looking for an apartment in Moscow.

However, Josh Datko, Sparkfun’s hacker-in-residence  and a well-known and respected player in the Beaglebone Black universe,  did have time and has actually made what is being called the CryptoCape, a daughterboard which adds a hardware security layer to your BBB.

Beaglebone Black CrytoCape

What does it do beside run robots that write in disappearing ink? Well, for around USD $60.00 it includes many useful and appealing things in these days of 24/7 snoopery:

  • A trusted platform module (TPM) for RSA encryption/decryption and signing in the hardware
  • AES-128 encrypted EEPROM
  • ATSHA204 authentication chip that performs SHA-256 and HMAC-25
  • ATECC108 that performs the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)

Don’t look NSA. Are you looking?

Atmel tech powers this CryptoCape

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