Startup Taps Into Home Energy Circuit

Hooray for Curb, the Austin-based startup focused on NOT just another home automation device.

Whereas Nest, et. al., aspire to be house overlords controlling everything from HVAC to fridge to security, Curb stays above the standards race by just targeting the circuit breaker in your house.

Startup Curb wants to help you find the energy hog in your home — whether that be your spouse or a space heater. The home automation company has developed a hardware system that attaches to a home circuit breaker to monitor energy consumption.

Using a Freescale i.Mx28 processor, might we do a little hacking to see how they do it? At the very least, CEO Erik Norwood tells us that API sharing is part of their model:

There’s a few companies out there trying to do everything themselves, which conceptually might make sense. What we’re going to find is the most effective solutions are from companies that are focused on doing one thing extremely well, then opening up their system through an API and working with other companies in a very direct and valuable manner.

Source: Startup Taps Into Home Energy Circuit | EE Times

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