Beaglebone Black enclosure


We call it the “Blue Max” because it’s, well, blue. And for those of you who are cinephiles, you might recall the classic movie about World War One flying ace (played by George Peppard), The Blue Max, who was a rival to the Red Baron. Of course, there is a beagle reference here, namely Snoopy, who probably battled him in the skies with his Sopwith Camel doghouse…


OK. Perhaps the reference is a little obsure. And we don’t have Snoopy in the picture because my little boy only had Charlie Brown available for these pictures.


But we’re very happy with the look of the new enclosure we designed for the Beaglebone Black. Besides being sexy to look at, it’s eminently practical: PWR, Boot, and Reset buttons are accessible from the top layer. But the best thing of all? GPIOs are clearly labeled! So, no more futzing around with header pin diagrams when wiring up your board.


The Blue Max Beaglebone Black enclosure is available for purchase at the Tindie store.

IMG_7625_BlueMax_BBB IMG_7705_BlueMax_BBB IMG_7723_BlueMax_BBB  IMG_7789_BlueMax_BBB


Thoughts or comments?