Arduino Day and Genuino Day

During the celebration of Arduino Day in Berkeley, Massimo Banzi announced several important news items to the Maker community. Starting today the new MKR1000 is in their stores and available for purchase. Arduino has also opened two web platforms, one focused on project sharing and the other on a new approach to IoT. Massimo Banzi, together with Tom Igoe and David Mellis, made some announcements during the presentation at the official Arduino Day event in Berkeley (USA):

• Arduino MKR1000 and Genuino MKR1000 are now available in stores at the price of 34,99$/30,99€ (+VAT). MKR1000 is a powerful board which combines the functionality of the Zero and the WiFi Shield. It has been conceived […]

Source: Arduino Day and Genuino Day: Massimo Banzi | Open Electronics

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