Tindie Product Idea: More Camera Stuff!


If you like to browse around on Tindie to see what is available, you’ll find sections full of interesting and unusual items. For me at least, that’s part of the fun of writing for this site.

The Sound section, which as of this writing has six pages of acoustic goodness, seems especially popular listing-wise. And why not? Making music is all about creativity, and if you can build your own instrument and/or accessory, what could be more creative?

On the other hand, after getting a DSLR and gradually getting better and better (less worse?) at controlling my camera for good and/or experimental effects, I have to report that there is only one page of Camera Equipment listings. What’s there looks really neat, much of it involving using a GoPro camera at extreme depths, but certainly it would be a great place for lighting, custom intervlometers, or even a light painting robot, like the one seen in the video below:

The great thing about this from a seller’s perspective, is that if you do want to list your camera hack, it won’t have as much competition as some other items!

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