Getting Started with STM8

There are so many different CPUs today and often the hardest thing about using any of them is getting started and gathering the right software tools. If you’ve ever eyed up the very inexpensive STM8 processor, you’ll want to check out [Shane Burrell’s] video (see below) about how to get started with the STM8.

The STM8 isn’t a 32-bit processor — you could probably guess that from the name. [Shane] uses SDCC (small device C compiler) to target the little chip. He also shows how he manages a fairly substantial piece of code and how he controls the build process.

The good thing is, this isn’t a blinking LED example. The code he shows uses interrupts and reads analog values. He doesn’t get into a lot of details, but he does talk about the motivation for some of the code. You’ll also pick up some tips like storing firmware with hardware designs in Git.

We think the example has something to do with the vehicle you can see in the video. We’ve seen the STM8 doing duty inside a soldering iron recently. If you want to pick a processor beyond the obvious, check out [Jay Carlson’s] comparison of 21 microcontrollers that cost under a buck.

from Blog – Hackaday

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