When You Want to Be Like Ironman With Duct Tape #WearableWednesday #Arduino #DIY #STEM

Gesture Glove with Duct Tape

People of all ages love Ironman and the idea of controlling robots with hand gestures seems like an expensive dream. However, this glove spotted on Hackaday uses inexpensive materials, making it perfect for STEM classes. This project by StudentBuilds uses an Arduino Uno, resistors and LEDs, but the real fun happens with the DIY sensors. While most gloves utilize flex sensors for the fingers, this one combines layers of aluminum foil and paper covered with carbon pencil scribble. Now that’s what I call using what you have on hand!

This is part one of the project and StudentBuilds will be back soon with the next phase, which is creating the robotic arm that will be controlled with the glove. In the meantime, you should check out our learning guide for a Minecraft Gesture Control Glove. You can enhance your gaming experience by combining a Circuit Playground Express microcontroller and a glove hacked with conductive fabric. Just be careful when attacking monsters and other evil moving things–just like Ironman things don’t always go as planned! Are you working on a glove? Send us a video so we can see your superpowers.

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