Simple ‘Cartwall’ Touchscreen Sound Effect Player | #radio #jingle #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

This project is optimized for the Pimoroni HyperPixel but let us know if you get it working for other touchscreen devices. Instant audio cartwalls can seem pretty esoteric so thankfully this project simplifies what they are and how to use them for events and other moments.

Cartwalls are used in radio studios to play in jingles at the touch of a button. This is designed to do the same on a bog-standard Raspberry Pi connected to a touch screen. It does not require ANY other software or libraries to be installed, all you need is a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian installed, some WAV files in your Pi’s defualt Music folder – and a touch screen for full effect. It could be used in student, hospital or community radio or for playing sound effects in a play.

A Raspberry Pi radio / theatre cartwall to play jingles or sound FX instantly using a touch screen.

Read more here and check out the code here on GitHub.

via Adafruit

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