3D-Printed Adapter for Mounting ESP-12F Module with 2mm Pitch to Breadboard/Perfboard 0.1″ Spacing, with OpenSCAD Instrux | #3Dprinting #3DThursday @openscad

HydraRaptor’s design is for the ESP-12F module – not the -S version we sell in the shop – but nonetheless this is a great, simple mod for adapting devices and boards of various layouts.

I plan to make a few projects based around ESP-12F WiFi modules. These are postage stamp sized modules containing an ESP8266 chip plus 4MB of flash. The ESP8266 chip is a 32 bit MCU with an integrated WiFi transceiver and TCP/IP stack. They come programmed as a WiFi modem but they can be reprogrammed with the Arduino IDE to do other things in addition to the WiFi. Great for IOT applications because they are so small and cheap (less than £2) but reasonably powerful. A lot more powerful than an Arduino, for example, but with less I/O.

The solder pads are on a 2mm pitch, so they are often used with a breakout board to adapt them to 0.1″ pitch for breadboard or perfboard, etc. That adds cost and increases the size somewhat because the through hole pins need to be outside the perimeter of the module. I solved the problem another way, by using a 3D printed wire guide that routes wires from the 0.2mm pitch holes to the nearest 0.1″ hole, minimising the space used and costing virtually nothing.

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