Programmable Animatronic Eyeball Mechanism Demo by @JimScuba2386

Jim Leemhuis, AKA JimScubba2386 posted a video series on how to make a programmable animatronic eyeball mechanism using 3D printed parts, micro-controllers and servos. He also posted his 3D files along with a parts list and notes on his Thingiverse page.

This project allows you to build a pair of animatronic eyes that can be programmed via puppetry and played back to you as much as you want. Here is a quick demo of how it works:

Jim put together 6 videos that covers the project and breakdowns the assembly, construction and code. Jim used an Adafruit Feather and Feather Servo Wing as the brains.

It seems like a very ambitious project (and it is) but Jim thoroughly explains how to build it. If you’re a Disney fan and interested in building Animatronics, check out Jim’s video series. This is a great example of how to capture movements, play them back and puppeteer several servos.

Here are the parts used:

Feather Terminal Block:
Feather 32U4:
Feather Servo Wing:
Right Angle Headers:
Feather Stacking Header:
I2C Fram:
DC Female Barrel Jack:
5V 2A Power Supply:

To see how to assemble everything watch Jim’s video series. You can also subscribe to Jim on YouTube for future videos.

Part 1 – The Brains:

Part 2 – The Input Controls!:

Part 3 – Joints, Toggles, and Pinning…oh my:

Part 4 – Assembling the Input Devices:

Part 5 – Building the Eye Mechanism:

Part 6 – The Code:

via Adafruit

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