Homemade Bike Trailer by Daron Taylor for his Budding Entrepreneurial Lawn Mower Business | @CityofCleveland ‏

I love this story! Daron Taylor is a Cleveland teenager who runs D’s lawn care LLC who went viral in 2016 for his homemade bike trailer made primarily of salvaged 2″x4″s for transporting lawn mowing equipment – so he could reach clients outside his immediate neighborhood. He’s back for the summer with lots of Instagram goodness and I’m just now hearing about his story – it’s great, and from recent pictures has upgraded to a new mountain bike frame with shock suspension 🙂

Here’s the original story that caught my eye:

And some additional photos & videos:

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Let’s make today a good day 💯

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Check out Daron’s lawnmower biz Insta account here

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