About HudsonWerks

HudsonWerks LLC is a New York City-based DIY hardware & new product development shop.


The recent nexus of microcomputing and the Maker movement make for incredibly exciting times for inventing new things. HudsonWerks explores those emerging opportunities, and builds products in the colliding worlds of Do-it-Yourself, Internet of Things, embedded electronics,  sensors, open source tools, ubiquitous APIs, and 3D printing.



Charles Hamilton with custom HudsonWerks PCB


As a “tech creative” and longtime gadgeteer/tinkerer, HudsonWerks owner Charles Hamilton (Linkedin profile) has been exploring new product development, mobile device design, digital media, and user experience within large enterprises and as an entrepreneur for nearly two decades.


Working with some of the world’s leading electronics and technology brands — Microsoft, Epson, AT&T, SAP — Charles has helped research, design, build and test wearable bio-sensing prototypes, IOT applications, advanced platforms for mobile content delivery using voice recognition, ultra energy-efficient tablets for specialized industries, devices on board the International Space Station (ISS), and communication tools for the elderly population.


Current projects include the following:

  • GrannyCam – a super user-friendly video chat device for seniors and their grandchildren (awarded a Blue Ribbon by Make Magazine editors at Maker Faire New York) and spotlighted by Texas Instruments and Beagleboard as a new product to watch.
  • Beaglebone Black Cookbook – For Packt Publishing (UK), author of the book The Beaglebone Black Cookbook: 60 Recipes for the Beaglebone Black. Akin to the Raspberry, the Beaglebone Black is a powerful and popular ARM-based microcomputing platform favored by makers and embedded device developers.
  • NowPix – an open source digital picture frame controlled remotely with an easy-to-publish engine using a smartphone camera.
  • HomeCare bot – For the aging or disabled senior, a helpful robot that assists caregivers and family members in monitoring and assisting their love ones in their home.
  • VitalZ – a wearable device measuring a set of vital signs and tracking data for the senior population.

Charles also writes and maintains this blog and UX Health, which monitors tech trends in health and wellness.


HudsonWerks is named after Charles’ 3-year old son, Hudson, who likes putting peanut butter and jelly on his dad’s breadboard.


Hudson with personal kitchen hardware


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