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Smarter 3D Printing…by Hand

More tools for your 3D printing oeuvre.

Consider it a handheld 3D printer of sorts—and not of the stringy-glue gun variety. The FreeD is MIT’s latest cool piece of tech that is essentially a handheld milling machine that allows a user to sculpt a pre-defined shape from a 3D model. As 3D printer manufacturers are moving towards higher resolution and accuracy in their prints, the FreeD’s aim is just the opposite: how do you add a handmade appearance to otherwise smooth surfaces?

from – The Free-D: MIT Researchers Develop ‘Smart Tool’ for Hand Carving Pre-Defined CAD Models.

3D-printed Food Coming Fast and Furious

Instead of pushing PLA through those printer nozzles, why not try some “food paste?” Sounds delicious.

cornellcreative-3d-food-printerTwo new startups could help bring individual customization to the mass production of meals with 3D printed food.

from Fast food for the digital age: Meals are 3D-printed.

3D Scanning Getting Cheaper and Slicker

3D Systems’ Sense scanner is compact, $400 and ready to transform 3D printing as we know it.

$400, intelligent software, tethered usb to windows laptop, outputs stls and full color scans. Engadget


from whisperoftheshot.

How 3D Printing is Impacting Healthcare


How 3D Printing Is Impacting Healthcare

Texas news does a piece on how 3D Printing is helping to prepare surgeons for surgery by providing them with 3D models on demand. They also touch upon bio-printing (very early days here).

3D printers have been around since the early 80s but the personal 3D printer is really making this twenty year technology available to the masses.


Owen Conflenti: 3D Printing Body Parts (by Jason Notoras)