Hackers Can Steal a Tesla Model S in Seconds by Cloning Its Key Fob


Tesla has taken plenty of innovative steps to protect the driving systems of its kitted-out cars against digital attacks. It’s hired top-notch security engineers, pushed over-the-internet software updates, and added code integrity checks. But one team of academic hackers has now found that Tesla left its Model S cars open to a far more straightforward form of hacking: stealthily cloning the car’s key fob in seconds, opening the car door, and driving away. More…

Weak encryption in Tesla Model S key fobs allowed all-too-easy theft, but you can set a PIN code on your Tesla to protect it.

Panel Discussion: Cyber Security: It Starts with the Embedded System, Part II

Embedded systems security is critical in the detection and prevention of security breaches in larger IoT systems. System vulnerabilities are often a result of unexpected system architecture or service connectivity where device vulnerability leads to breach of financial or corporate servers. Join us as experts discuss security considerations & risks in the IoT development lifecycle and the roles code analysis, certifications, silicon, software, middleware, and IoT platforms play in the detection and prevention of breaches.

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