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SoftBank’s New Robot Knows Exactly How You Feel. (That’s Creepy.)

Pepper, the new robot from SoftBank, sees your face, hears your voice and knows if you’re happy, sad or just not that into him.

Source: SoftBank’s New Robot Knows Exactly How You Feel. (That’s Creepy.)

Robotics Cape for Beaglebone Black

Although not on the market as of mid-Feb. 2014, this intriguing new add-on to the Beaglebone Black promises to provide an array of appealing features for running your robots. Called the Novus Robotics Cape, the microcomputer “cape” comes with an onboard accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, and connectors for three quadrature encoder equipped motors. And the best part? All designs and code are open source. The downside? It doesn’t seem to be able to mix cocktails…



uArm: Put a Miniature Industrial Robot Arm on Your Desk

uArm is an Arduino-powered desktop 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm, modeled after the ABB industrial PalletPack robot.

from futurescope: uArm: Put a Miniature Industrial… |.


Exclusive 3D mapping of Paris Air Show by Parrot: senseFly drones & Pix4D

senseFly successfully demonstrated the 3D mapping capabilities of the eBee, its fully autonomous mini drone under extreme conditions.

[via @robohub]

The senseFly UAV isn’t exactly DIY, and priced at around $12k, it’s no Maker’s budget. But it looks exactly like the kind of drone that a competitor will soon offer as a kit or “AdaFruitable” for a relative pittance. With that kind of image resolution, camera output from garage UAVs will make resolution on Google Maps look downright 1970s.