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Hospital + Makerspace Initiative

In 2015 our Bangkok-based makerspace ProgressTH began collaborating with a local children’s hospital, QSNICH (Queen Sirikit Institute of Child Health). Since then, we have helped nurses develop their ideas into working prototypes and small-batch production articles now being used throughout the hospital. These include: 1. Needle disposal system which re-purposes rubbing alcohol and saline solution containers; 2. Child-friendly dermatology tool; 3. Bed leveling system and; 4. A prototype for a blood clotting device. We are continuing to develop this program in supporting QSNICH, as well as approaching additional hospitals, encouraging hospitals to set up their own in-hospital makerspaces, and sharing our experience with the maker community to encourage others to use their skills to make a real impact.

Source: Hospital + Makerspace Initiative

Telemedicine Becoming More Mainstream Worldwide

RP-Vita telemedicine robot

Watson Beats Humans at Diagnosing Cancer

IBM’s Watson is better at diagnosing cancer than human doctors (Wired UK)

IBM Watson

Flu Data Shortage Possible from GOP Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Creates Potential Flu Data Shortage


According to a Rand report, doctors are expressing concern that current EHR technology interferes with face-to-face discussions with patients, requires physicians to spend too much time performing clerical work and degrades the accuracy of medical records by encouraging template-generated notes.

Leveraging QT for Wound Care

Using QT Platform for Wound Care

Another Wearable Snore?


FitBit knock-off adds sleep monitoring to mix

The wearables race among the FitBitish crowd just widened with new entrant Withings (Is that With-Things? Or Wi-things? Why-things?). This time with sleep monitoring thrown in, and a…

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