Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Packs Functionality

Omate Smartwatch

Perhaps not quite as elegant as the Sony, and it may be trying to do too many things, but the Omate smartwatch looks pretty powerful and slick, nonetheless. Far more robust than the Pebble, its Android OS and Arm architecture position it as a promising player in the (getting very) crowded market.

Amarino – “Android meets Arduino”

Amarino – “Android meets Arduino”

IOIO for Android

Exploring options for prototyping new device via Android environment as first step.

Description from SparkFun: The IOIO (pronounced “yo-yo”) is a board specially designed to work with your Android 1.5 and later device. The board provides robust connectivity to an Android device via a USB or Bluetooth connection and is fully controllable from within an Android application using a simple and intuitive Java API – no embedded programming or external programmer will ever be needed!

Sparkfun says the board’s now discontinued. Continuing to investigate an interim fast prototype approach.