Transforming ABS into Ceramic and Wood

via Open Electronics:

With a bit of a Artisanal approach you can sometimes get a solution that is closer than you think to using advanced materials. This instructables is truly amazing: 3D printed ABS objects can be transformed using some basic materials to look like various realistic surfaces. This cup and base were first printed in blue ABS […]

3D Printed Mug Wood Ceramic
3D Printed Mug made with ABS but painted to look like wood  and ceramic

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Paste Press Solder Paste Dispenser

solder dispenser
Easy to use Paste Press solder dispenser from Pieco.

It’s Cake Boss meets the world of DIY Printed Circuit Boards.

Pieco’s “Paste Press” solder paste dispenser makes applying all the super-fiddly solder bits onto your custom PCBs far simpler and less sploogy. The design from  NYC-based Pieco feels solid to the grip and dramatically reduced production time on my current Arduino knock-off PCB. More tasty tools like this, please!

Christmas Tree Cheer Powered by Beaglebone Black

A fun project for using Beagleboard Black to run your Christmas tree lights.

Finding a Common (3-D) Bond between Odd Objects

OK, the bench doesn’t look so comfy and the guitar’s probably awful, but Man, 3-D is shaking it up…

PLA and other plastic, additive goodness for sitting, standing, and strumming.

Arduino Ideas for Christmas

Under the tree: color-coordinated Arduino boards…

Festive Arduinos for the Holidays