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EVA Repairs Coolant Leak Aboard ISS



Photos of Saturdays EVA to repair the coolant leak onboard the International Space Station (ISS).


Photos from Saturday’s emergency spacewalk on the ISS

The spacewalk outside the International Space Station was captured on film by the tweeting, Facebooking, social media maven and space station commander Chris Hadfield. “Amazing day,” he said. “EVA went off without a hitch. Great crew, phenomenal ground support and a supportive audience. Who could ask for anything more?”

Image credits: NASA/CSA/Chris Hadfield

Enter NASA Competition To Be A Rocket Scientist

NASA wants to enlist citizen innovators in a competitive challenge to design the optimal positions for solar cells on the International Space Station. Watch the video above to hear about the NASA ISS Longeron Challenge Introduction (by TopCoderInc)

Hoshide back on Earth after record spacewalks

ARKALYK, Kazakhstan — Akihiko Hoshide returned to Earth on Monday after completing a four-month mission to the International Space Station and setting a new record for spacewalks by a Japanese astronaut.

from Japan Times