Finding a Common (3-D) Bond between Odd Objects

OK, the bench doesn’t look so comfy and the guitar’s probably awful, but Man, 3-D is shaking it up…

PLA and other plastic, additive goodness for sitting, standing, and strumming.

3D Scanning Getting Cheaper and Slicker

3D Systems’ Sense scanner is compact, $400 and ready to transform 3D printing as we know it.

$400, intelligent software, tethered usb to windows laptop, outputs stls and full color scans. Engadget


from whisperoftheshot.

Arduino Ideas for Christmas

Under the tree: color-coordinated Arduino boards…

Festive Arduinos for the Holidays

Intel’s Galileo Goes Inside DIY Universe


*Here at Maker Faire Rome, I got my hands on one of the newly released Arduino Intel Galileo control boards —  hardware specifically designed for technology artists.

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