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Breadboards & Perfboards for the Noob

If you’re at the early Maker stage, understanding the fundamentals of prototyping can be daunting. AdaFruit’s Collin Cunningham delivers a quick (5-min) — and quirky — intro for taking your design from a flat schematic to the next steps of breadboarding, then semi-permanent protoboard.

via AdaFruit: Collin’s Lab: Breadboards & Perfboards – YouTube.

Printing 3D Molten Metal in Midair

Not to belabor the robotic arm and 3D printing meme…however. A near desktop-sized robotic device to print and weld metal in mid-air? For DIYers and entrepreneurs, it’s further proof that 3D printing is reaching beyond the hobbyist-and-doodad stage and moving into a bona fide manufacturing realm. Watch this 1-minute video and see how 3D printing’s getting more weird and wonderful all the time.

From Gizmodo via The Joris Laarman Lab.

Christmas Tree Cheer Powered by Beaglebone Black

A fun project for using Beagleboard Black to run your Christmas tree lights.

Arduino Ideas for Christmas

Under the tree: color-coordinated Arduino boards…

Festive Arduinos for the Holidays

Intel’s Galileo Goes Inside DIY Universe



*Here at Maker Faire Rome, I got my hands on one of the newly released Arduino Intel Galileo control boards —  hardware specifically designed for technology artists.

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