This MIT spinout could finally clean up steel, one of the globe’s biggest climate polluters

via MIT Technology Review

Boston Metal has developed technology to electrify steelmaking, and a pending funding round will kickstart a large demonstration project.

Morphing Haptic Table


The possibilities for this morphing tactile display are endless! This may just be the haptic tech of the future.


Well, what can I say… The Future is here. This is one of the most amazing artifacts from the future I’ve seen in a long time.

Think about the potential and what you can do with it when they increase the resolution and the strength of the blocks (carbon composites, graphene… whatever).

[made by MIT Professor Hiroshi Ishii and his students] [via Kevin Kelly]

Sesame Ring Opens Mass Transit Turnstiles


MIT students develop 3D-printed ‘Sesame Ring’ to replace public transit cards | 3ders

It is very convenient to take public transportation in big cities, but sometimes it is annoying and time consuming fishing through your purse for your transit card.

Two undergraduate students at MIT has created the 3D-printed “Sesame Ring” to replace Boston’s transit card, the Charlie Card, after they became frustrated at constantly losing their passes at the bottom of their bags.

Large Hadron Collider may have produced “a new kind of matter”

Large Hadron Collider may have produced “a new kind of matter”