Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Packs Functionality

Omate Smartwatch

Perhaps not quite as elegant as the Sony, and it may be trying to do too many things, but the Omate smartwatch looks pretty powerful and slick, nonetheless. Far more robust than the Pebble, its Android OS and Arm architecture position it as a promising player in the (getting very) crowded market.

Smart Thermometer on Kickstarter


An Infographic Universe of Wearable tech

An infographic look at some of the latest wearable tech available.

from futuretechreport:

Wearable Tech: Head & Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Think Wearable Tech is just about Pebble and Google Glass? This infographic by footwear retailer Brantano, breaks down this technology by body part to give you the real lay of the land.

Awesome to see InteraXon’s Muse on the list as well as the Apple Smart Shoe.


Amongst this wearable tech stew, the highlights for a future with healthier lives: Siemens nextgen Aquaris hearing aid, Augmented Reality contact lenses. and a sensor-rich Assistive Scarf for the visually impaired.